Illustration Club

Art makes children powerful.

Bob and Roberta Smith

I have a regular Illustration Club in London for primary aged children. We explore all levels of illustration and over the years have interpreted the idea in a myriad of ways, from flying owls delivering the post to large scale murals. It is a pleasure to work with younger children and I find the creativity within the group inspirational and life enforcing.

At secondary school level the subject of illustration, artistic practice and method becomes more complex and equally more rewarding. I particularly like to work with young people who might consider themselves to be reluctant artists. There is a wonderful connection that can be made by helping someone believe in their ability to choose ideas to follow, to persist in creating a piece of work, and through that vision and persistence have the realisation that other aspects of their life can be controlled and self determined.

In August 2018 I ran a week long illustration club in Gibraltar, exploring the subject of human rights and freedoms. The results were turned in to a street art mural. Take a look at my sister website for all the background on that. There is also this video which is a great synopsis of the week.